Best Hood Burgers In Los Angeles

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Master Burger

master burger adams

4366 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018

The name speaks for itself. Nice fat burgers and fries. The one on Crenshaw and Adams is the one to go to, don’t go to the Downtown LA location. The DTLA one doesn’t taste as good as the one on Crenshaw and Adams. Even though it’s in the trenches it’s worth a trip. It's a burger stand with no seating so just make sure you get it to go!

A1 Burger

a1 burger

2915 W Vernon Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90008

Probably the only burger spot left in Los Angeles that you can get a whole combo with a burger, fries, and drink for $6. Off of Vernon in the Leimert Park area. You will get the most bang for your buck at A1 Burger. They cut up pieces of paper and you write down your order and give it to the cashier behind thick plexiglass. They run it like a dope house, but their burgers are crack: nice size patty, chopped onions, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, evenly laced with condiments; with chili or egg as an option. Burgers are juicy and packed with flavor. A1 is a burger stand so there’s no dine-in area. I usually eat the food on their front steps.

Louis Burger

louie burger

louie burger long beach

555 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

Louie Burger is a Long Beach/Compton favorite, Kendrick even shoutouts the Compton Louie Burger on “Money Trees.” The safest one to go to is probably Louie Burger III. Louie III, the downtown Long Beach location, is one of their nicer dine-in spots compared to the other locations in Compton and North Long Beach. The interior looks like an 80's Taco Bell which is super dope. On the edge of Downtown Long Beach, you get a mixed clientele. With such a vast menu, everything from breakfast to lunch to dinner; there's a long drive-thru line all day. People go to Louis Burger for different things; everything from the Avocado Burger to Chili Cheese Fries, to burritos, even a fucking omelette, they don’t miss. 

Tam’s Burger #21

tam's burger #21

1904 W Rosecrans Ave, Compton, CA, 90220

Tam’s Burger is probably one of the bigger chains out of the hood burger spots. Been serving burgers for +50 plus years. All throughout Los Angeles County, this is one of the town favorites. Tam's Burger was even honored during Dr. Dre's Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show. Very affordable, especially since they accept EBT here. Similar to Louie Burger, they serve American and Mexican food. They also have some pretty solid chili cheese fries. The classic California burger with the 1000 island dressing, you can’t go wrong with burgers.

Brolly Hut

brolly hut burgersbrolly hut inglewood

11205 Crenshaw Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90303

Inglewood natives love this spot, Ice Cube even considers it an Inglewood landmark. Brolly Hut’s most famous location; a real gem of Los Angeles. Brolly Hut is known for it’s unique umbrella-like architecture, residing on Crenshaw Blvd it's hard to miss. The unique building structure resembles their umbrella logo. Orignally opened at the Bumbershoot Cafe in 1968, later changing the name to Brolly Hut in 1970. They are known for their burgers, pastrami, and chili cheese fries. Generations of Inglewood residents have patronized this establishment. 


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