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Got the chance to catch up with your favorite cousin from Boston, Cousin Stizz, before he drops his latest project GABOS (Game Ain’t Based On Sympathy). Cousin Stizz’s music speaks to the true rap enthusiasts who want to hear rappers rap and not just the melodies. Stizz’s music makes you want to get up and hustle to.

Stizz has dropped some dope projects over the years, making noise from coast to coast. Each project he’s sharpening his rap sword like a ghetto samarai. On his Californiacation, Stizz sparrs with professional boxers and recording new music.

GABOS is dropping in the next couple of weeks, until then he has dropped a visual for one of the songs on the project called "On The Muscle" (video below) and more to come!


cousin stizz red jacket
cousin stizz cigarette coach jacket


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