Do, Did, Diddy, Did He?

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The past has been catching up with hip hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs, formally known as Puff Daddy. Well, I think he changed his name again; Brother Love? I can't keep up with the name changes. He’s been accused of everything over the years from sexual assault, battery, club shootings, car bombings, etc., dating back to the early 90's. A lot of wild allegations have been surfacing. Diddy do it?

Diddy recently rebranded himself as "Brother Love," someone who is just "spreading love," as depicted in his Breakfast Club interview. While campaigning for his latest project, The Love Album: Off The Grid, Diddy stated he relinquished all his former artists publishing. Though it sounds like a generous deed, many former Bad Boy artists fired back claiming their retroactive publishing is currently worthless, due to the music being so old and irrelevant during the streaming era. In order to receive their publishing back, the former artists had to legal documents instructing signees that they can't speak out negatively towards Sean Combs, according to Aubrey O'Day of former Bad Boy Records group Danity Kane. The publishing for Danity Kane was so minuscule, Aubrey offered to pay her former group mates to not sign for their publishing equivalent to the money gained from signing the papers. O'Day wants to hold out on signing any paperwork until Combs gives them a much bigger payment. Mark Curry, fellow former Bad Boy artist had a similar response to the retroactive publishing that was offered to him.

Over the years, Sean Combs been having rumors of everything from shady business practices, sexual abuse to murder-for-hire. Jaguar Wright has been making heinous accusations for years that fell on deaf ears, everyone writing her off as crazy. Gene Deal has been all over Youtube the past few years describing his bodyguard work with Diddy and inferring things about his sexuality and morals. Many people defended him over the years, saying these accusations are from scorned former associates that have been trying to shake him down over the years. But how many people have to come forward before we believe the stories have some truth? Robbing artist of their money; is it just business? Here are his problems over the years that he got away with, that's been put under the magnifying glass: 

City College Stampede, 1991

city college stampede 1991

At the beginning of Puffy's career, he was known as a party/club promoter. He threw a celebrity charity game in the City College of New York gymnasium. The event was over-capacity, so they stopped letting attendees in to the gym. Out of frustration, attendees who were left outside caused a stampede which resulted in 9 people left dead and several injured. LL Cool J, Heavy D, etc. were in attendance. Diddy ended up being sued for wrongful deaths and injuries which took years for him to settle.

 He created a rolodex of celebrities that he began befriending and doing business with. Starting out in Mount Vernon, he lived next to Heavy D. Diddy stalked Heavy D until he gave him a gig. He then joined a crew called the Same Gang which included ASAP Ferg’s father D. Ferg (creator of Uptown and Bad Boy Records logos). He worked with same gang to throw parties. Before Combs' got his start in the music business, he was known for throwing parties and events.


Suge Knight's friend Big Jake Murder, 1993

big jake and suge knight

At the beginning, Suge Knight and Puffy were the best of friends. Suge Knight became known for applying pressure on music industry people for his artists, and Puffy wasn’t off limits to the extortion. Suge Knight began representing acts associated with Diddy, such as Mary J. Blige and Jodeci. At the 1995 Source Awards, Suge gives his infamous speech about dancing all up in the videos… come to Death Row!” In Atlanta, Suge ran into Puffy and Jermaine Dupri, where he allegedly slapped Puffy and Jermaine. These actions led to Suge’s friend Big Jake being fatally shot, causing a chain of events that will eventually lead to 2Pac and Biggie’s murders.

2Pac Las Vegas Murder (Murder for Hire), 1996

2pac las vegas murder

Kefe D. has tied Diddy into the Tupac Shakur murder; alledging that Sean Combs placed a 1 million dollar hit on 2Pac months before the murder in a 2008 confession that was secretly recorded by Detective Greg Kading in Kefe D. lawyer’s office. Greg Kading gave Kefe D. a proffer agreement called “Queen for a Day” agreement in which Kefe can confess to the crimes and not get prosecuted for it. The catch to the agreement is outside of time allotted to Kefe D. confessing to crimes that are not past the statute of limitations or murders. In the confession, Kefe D. describes what lead up to the 2pac murder and Sean Combs involvement. 

Over the years, Kefe D. has been on a media run, writing a book about the murder, describing the murder to DJ Vlad, which lead to several interviews with Art of Dialogue, Bomb 1st, etc. Writing a book and going to multiple outlets describing the murder violated the Proffer Agreement, which led to Las Vegas law enforcement prosecuting him for the murder. He is currently sitting in jail, attending trial and awaiting judgement. It doesnt look like Diddy will be tied into the crime, unless the court can provide evidence of his involvement. 

NYC Club Shooting, December 27th, 1999

diddy jlo shyne mugshots

Diddy was involved in a club shooting with then Bad Boy artist, Shyne, that resulted in people getting shot in the club. The victims alledge that both Shyne and Combs both brandished guns in the club.A couple men approached Diddy's entourage that included Shyne and Jennifer Lopez. Shyne, Combs, Lopez all ended up getting arrested for the club shooting. To get himself out of the situation, Sean Combs separated himself in the case and let Shyne take the fall for it. Puffy allegedly brought witnesses in to testify against Shyne to get himself out the situation. On December 27th Jennifer Lopez and Puffy was pulled over by the poliwith a gun in the car after leaving the crime scene.This situation is the main reason Jennifer Lopez ended her relationship with Diddy. Shyne lost his case and ended up serving over 10 years. After serving 10 years, Shyne was deported back to his homeland of Belize. Later in life, Shyne became the Prime Minister of Belize; so his life didn't turn out aas bad as other former Bad Boy artists.

Steve Stoute and the Champagne Bottle, 1999

steve stoute and diddy

Sean Combs alledegely bashed Steve Stoute upside his head with a champagne bottle for allegedly using unauthorized footage of Sean Combs for a music video of him crucified like Jesus. Combs was facing up to 7 years for felonous assault. Stoute and Diddy later reconciled and dropped the charges. It wasn't cheap to drop the charges, Diddy supposedly paid Stoute $500,000 and mandatory anger management classed issued by Manhattan court.

Studio Rape, 2003

2003 diddy studio rape

A new victim has came forward, alledging Diddy and Aaron Hall (R&B group Guy lead singer) gang raped her in 2003 when she was 17. Several years ago DJ Vlad interviewed Hall. In the interview, Hall claimed that Diddy and KC and Jojo have seen him "fuck" before. Though this story doesn't confirm the gang rape, it does confirm carnal knowledge of Aaron Hall and past sexual situations between Diddy and Aaron.

 Another bodyguard, Roger Bonds, confirms the abuse Cassie alleges in the civil lawsuit. He is also speaking out after Diddy didn’t help with his sons legal fees for a murder case in Africa as much as he wanted him to. 

Can all these allegations be true or are the accusers bitter ex-employees and people looking for a money grab since he immediately settled the civil suit with Cassie? Can there be no truth in the decades of stories of shady business practices and criminal activities? A lot people that believe the stories are true and karma finally caught up with his ass.


Kid Cudi Car Bombing, 2012

kid cudi car bombing

In the Cassie civil lawsuit, Kid Cudi was collaborating with Cassie on music, that later turned romantic. Diddy figured it out Cudi and Cassie were secretly involved and threatened Cassie with  blowing up Kid Cudi’s car. Following the threat, Kid Cudi’s car blew up in a parking garage. Kid Cudi’s representative later confirmed his car blowing up, but not necessarily Combs orchestrating it.

J. Cole Scuffle, 2013

puff daddy and j cole fight

The incident occurred at Diddy's MTV Video Music Awards afterparty. A drunk Diddy tried to pour his drink on Kendrick Lamar after he dropped "Control" claiming to be the king of New York. Intoxicated Diddy took it to heart and wanted to confront Kendrick. J. Cole intervened and got in a fight with Diddy. Cole was removed from the party after the scuffle. The incident was originally a rumor that both J. Cole and Diddy denied publicly on Twitter. A couple years ago when J. Cole dropped his 2021 effort, The Off Season, he addressed the situation in “Let Go My Hand” confirming the altercation: 

“My last scrap was with Puff Daddy, who would've thought it?/I bought that nigga album in seventh grade and played it so much/You would've thought my favorite rapper was Puff/ Back then I ain't know shit, now I know too much.”

Cole let Diddy do a prayer as the outro to the song, so the two eventually squashed the situation before they made the song together.

Drake Punch, 2014

drake punched by diddy

In Miami, DJ Khaled had a birthday bash at Club LIV. Alegedy Diddy had a beef with musical rights to "0 to 100," off of Drake's project, If Youre Reading This, It's Too Late. Diddy and Drake exchanged words in the club that resulted into Sean Combs infamously punching Drake in the face. After the altercation transpired, Drake immediately left the club.

Kettlebell Assault, 2015

diddy punch

In 2015, Puffy's son Justin Combs was a defensive back for UCLA. Sean got into an altercation with strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi using a kettlebell during practice. Apparently Coach Alosi was antagonizing Justin Combs with Sean Combs in attendance. In the locker room, Sean turned the kettle bell into a deadly weapon, throwing it at Alosi. Diddy was facing assault with a deadly weapon, terrorist threats, and a count of battery. The case was later dropped due to an undisclosed settllement between both parties. Though, Alosi is not completely innocent, as a Jets coach he was suspsended for tripping a Dolphins player mid-game.

Cassie Lawsuit, 2023

cassie lawsuit

The straw that broke the camel’s back.

New York State law has recently allowed sexual assaults survivors an one year window to sue their aggressors for restitution. The temporary law is giving victims a deadline to file lawsuits before the statute of limitations goes back into play, so a lot of high profile names have been in the news receiving civil lawsuits going at the accusers' pockets.

Last month, Cassie was one of the accusers, filing a lawsuit accusing him of horrendous and shrewd things. The lawsuit is a book-worth full of details. And the internet has been eating it up. The immediate settlement with has brought more accusations to light as well as old ones. The Cassie situation has became a domino effect on Diddy’s legacy, causing his whole empire to be at jeopardy.

There has been plenty rumors of what Diddy does behind closed doors. Cassie, his ex-girlfriend filed a $30 million dollar lawsuit on November 16th, detailing years of abuse. On November 17th, less than 24 hours, he settled the lawsuit. This has been the closest to confirming the nature of the strange things that people in the entertainment industry gossip about Diddy. Once you settle as a public figure, accusers come out the woodwork. We seen it with Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Russell Simmons, Tiger Woods, Houston’s quarterback, the list goes on.

Hulu cancelled an up and coming series focused on his family life, due to all the allegations. 


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