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I always go on Tumblr for creative inspiration. We use our Tumblr as a mood board for BOB’S LIQUOR STORE. People always ask us what our inspiration for the brand, I thought I would like to share some of the blogs I frequent on the daily basis, as well as reblog to update our blog/mood board. With no further due, here is the list of our favorite Tumblr blogs:

1. @ForAllToEnvy

birdman grill

One of my favorite brands as well as one of my favorite Tumblr blogs to draw inspiration from. For All To Envy’s Tumblr has a lot of 90’s and East Coast nostalgia. Known for vintage clothes they resell, they also make their own merchandise as well that goes with their aesthetic. A blog devoted to the guy that likes 90’s boom-bap rap, vintage sports memorabilia, and hard to find bootleg tees. Everything from Chef Raekwon to George Constanza from Seinfeld. For All To Envy also have a physical location on La Brea in Los Angeles. 

2. @deadthehype

jay z and dame dash rocafella records

Deadthehype is a dope curation of the hip hop culture. It has a perfect mixture of current and retro content that's relevant in today's culture. The guy that runs the Tumblr also does write-ups, expressing his opinions and experiences pertaining to music he listens to, showing vulnerability. You can easily go into a warmhole going through this blog, trust me, I did it myself.


3. @unstablefragments2 

nike sb and gundam

A mixture of sneakers, beautiful women, and Gundam designs, unstablefragments2 is the archetype of hypebeast Tumblr. The concoction of content is like Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, somehow it goes good together. Any sneaker head and anime lover would love this blog, a lot of inspiration I get out of this blog. Plenty pictures of the classic silhouettes of sneakers from Nike, Jordan, Addidas, Reebok, and New Balance. Sneaker photography is under appreciated.


4. @2001hz

daft punk

2001hz is dedicated to Costume design, high-end fashion, old magazine spreads, capturing the trends of the past few decades. Filled with innovative design and photography, its always good to see new posts from this page. The blog explores the Y2K movement of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Bape and other Japanese designers are in heavy rotation.


5. @gasdrawlsss


This blog feels like an intangible man cave full of vintage sports, music, beautiful women, nice cars, with a twist of Southern California aesthetic embedded into it. Definitely a cool place to get lost into, full of 90’s nostalgia making you forget what year you’re in!


6. @eightiesfan 


The title of the blog is self-explanatory. I love this blog for the vintage print ads. Eightiesfan is packed with everything from the 80’s culture. It’s a great extensive study of the 80’s pop culture, everything from vintage electronic ads, film covers, pictures of models. Eightiesfan feels like a time capsule of 1980s or a digital almanac of the 80s. The vintage tech and pixel art floods the blog with dope content.


7. @yamborghini 

asap yams tumblr

The Tumblr blog of the infamous ASAP Yams also known as Yamborghini. Before Yam’s passing, his blog was a destination for the internet culture. This blog spawned many careers in the music and fashion worlds such as ASAP Rocky, ASAP Ferg, and Ian Connor. Yamborghini consists of old phone pictures from ASAP Yams, music, and answering questions from fans. Yams treated Yamborghini like a daily dairy documenting the life of him and his friends. Being an early ASAP Mob fan, it’s bittersweet going through Yam’s old Tumblr account. Rest In Peace ASAP Yams.

8. @macroszks


One of my favorite photography blogs on Tumblr. Mostly current content, standing out from other accounts that consist of vintage Internet images, and scans from old print. The blog owner is based out of Spain, its always good to get a foreign perspective on the American culture. His content is more current and relevant, giving a breath of fresh air. 


9. @vaporwave-95


vaporwave-95 captures the early 90’s internet/computer culture. Vapor Wave is known as aesthetic for visual arts and a genre  of music that lives deep in the realms of the internet. The theme is mainly neon colors and Greek statues and checkered prints. This Tumblr page brings you back to 96 and dial-up Internet (dial-up internet probably wasn’t invented yet). Any Yung Lean fan would love this blog. 


10. @consecuences 

consecuences tumblr

When I'm on my emo shit I visit the consecuences Tumblr which has mostly screen shots of films with captions to go with it and lifestyle photography. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words does a picture with captions have? Most of the captions have a deep philosophical meaning to it, with life lessons in it. A good Tumblr page to get bits of life advice and excellent photography capturing everyday life.


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