Jay Worthy x Harry Fraud: You Take the Credit, We'll Take the Check

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Jay Worthy x Harry Fraud

You Take the Credit, We'll Take the Check is a summer classic, jam-packed with a star studded cast of features from Larry June, Kamaiyah, Curren$y, Conway the Machine, MadeinTYO, and much more. LNDN DRGS front man, Jay Worthy, and the crafty producer Harry Fraud team up for a follow-up to Eat When You're Hungry Sleep When You're Tired . You can tell the duo had a good time creating this 14-track album."We did this album in the Hamptons on some real player shit," Jay Worthy said in a press release. "We wilded out, ate good, swam and rode bikes. It was a beautiful experience to say the least." The good times in the Hamptons shows in the music, creating a classic project.

Harry Fraud’s production goes perfect with the Summer ambiance and the laid back melodies. Fraud explained the creative process of the album: "This album is the second chapter in me and Worthy's musical story. The last project was the appetizer and this is the main course. We've refined the sound this time around and zeroed in on the lavish textures that compliment Jay's manual full of game told through his raps. All the way down to the cover art, which is a view from inside the diner off the last album's cover. The title is a sentiment we both share, fuck the credit, give us the bread because at the end of the day you can't pay your bills with clout." The sample selection is immaculate, a signature to the LNDN DRGS sound. One of my favorite samples on the album is "Winnipeg Winters" featuring A$AP Twelvyy, which includes George Duke's "Thief in the Night" sample in it, making it a great addition to the song.

 Growing up around the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Westside Boogie, there's no surprise how musically inclined Jay Worthy is. He caught the ear of the late great A$AP Yams back in 2012. Jay Worthy has an impressive resume which explains how he’s able to consistently put out great projects independently over the past few years. The amount of hustle he has is unfathomable. The nuance of quality he puts into his sound and visuals sets him apart from his counterparts.

Worthy brings the best out of the artists he works with, his tapes always sound like an All Star compilation album. He’s always able to bring an impressive list of features together, keeping the sound cohesive simultaneously.  Jay Worthy consistently shows that he can collaborate with anybody on a project and it will come out sounding marvelous. Worthy attunes to Kamaiyah’s aesthetic on “Good Looking”, without sticking out like a sore thumb. Compton native, “Worldwide Worthy”, is able to tap in with artists across the nation and ameliorates their sound with the izm of the west coast.

On top of the strong features, Jay Worthy’s rapping abilities are superior to the trendy mumble rap. Jay Worthy is able to ride the beat without overwhelming the instrumental with his lyrics of realism. Jay Worthy showcases his story telling abilities on the project with songs such as “Believe” and “Daytons”. He also knows how to speed up his flow and attack the beat like he did on "Almighty." Worthy has an ability to spit lyrics so vivid, keeping his listeners laced with the game embedded in his lyrics. Jay Worthy’s illustrious flow makes his penmanship unmatched when it comes to his raw storytelling abilities, giving his listeners chills down their spines. He sticks to his usual subject matter of pimping, hustling, and gang banging without sounding redundant.

Worthy's listeners gravitate towards his music because of the transparency in his lyrics. Jay Worthy is for a true hip hop head, he takes it back to the times of the MC rapping over disco and funk music the DJ mixes together like a block party in the Bronx in the 80’s. Worthy brings rap music back to the essence of the DJ and MC like Eric B. and Rakim, almost like a minimalistic approach compared to today’s over-produced mainstream songs. Harry Fraud and Jay Worthy gave us a project that you can ride your lowrider down Pacific Coast Highway and enjoy the summer breeze.

You can stream the album here.

Heres the track listing as well:

1. Believe

2. Pacific Coast Highway (Feat. Larry June)

3. Good Lookin' (Feat. Kamiayah)

4. Homicide Helicopter (Feat. Conway the Machine & Big Body Bes)

5. Tonight

6. Editorials (Feat. Curren$y)

7. Daytons (Feat. Ramirez)

8. Almighty

9. Stick up Kids (Feat. Bandgang Lonnie Bands)

10. Earth Sky (Feat. MadeinTYO)

11. Monday Motivation

12. Winnipeg Winters (Feat. A$AP Twelvyy)

13. Six Figure Strolls (Feat. Sha Hef)

14. St. Nick the P


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