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Five years have passed since the Crenshaw District hip hop group Overdoz and lead vocalist Kent Jamz, released their 2017 effort 2008. Since then, Kent Jamz has been low profile. Kent’s recent output of music, independent of his group, has been extraordinary. Just last year Kent released a collaborative project with Compton MC, Buddy, titled Jank tape Vol. 1. Providing consistent music during the pandemic, he has built up just the right momentum to release his long-awaited debut album Fanclub.

In the 14-track LP, Fanclub, Kent Jamz holds his own with minimal features, showcasing his talents and innovative sound. Kent’s story telling is elite on the project, taking you into his world with a unique perspective on relationships. Fanclub explores the life of a player that finds the girl he risks it all for, while simultaneously being down for his homies. With immaculate production, he sprinkles his unorthodox singing and rapping capabilities throughout the album.

The introduction opens with Kent’s daughter and familiar conversations with his peers that’s also distributed throughout the album skits. Jamz sticks to the Overdoz sound with “Set Up”, “Or Not” featuring A$AP Ferg, and “The Gram”. He remains true to himself and his life experiences on songs like “In Search Of,” paying homage to Pharrell’s group N.E.R.D.: “Kush got me ridin’ in a hearse/ With my window down bumpin’ N.E.R.D.”

Compton native, Buddy, left his mark on the lead single “Rollin Wit The Homies” and “Boomerang.” Kent’s lyrics and wordplay are sharp as ever in songs like “Boomerang” (titled after Eddie Murphy romantic comedy Boomerang): “But I ain’t Eddie Murphy and you ain’t Halle Barry / So I ain’t Robin Givens, givin’ you a wedding ring”

Though most people were looking forward to a Overdoz reunion on the album, Kent compromised for his fans by giving his groupmate Joon a feature on “All The Smoce” with their trademark uplifting melody alongside playful lyrics, asking for what is owed to them.

Despite the album describing his fan club of women, the tables turn on songs like “Coachella”, “Blowing Up Your Phone”, and “wyd wya”, with him pursuing after a particular girl of interest. Fanclub turns into a classic tale of summer love in South Central LA. On the track, “Hood Girl” Kent describes BBQ cookout where he is meeting family of the girl he is dating.

The LP concludes with the love ballad, “Taj Mahal”, detailing public displays of affection for a woman he doesn’t mind the “whole world to see.” The album comes full circle with Kent falling in love for better or for worse.

For fans who have been patiently waiting for Kent Jamz to drop his own project, the wait was well worth it. With the prodigious storytelling and flawless sound, it’s hard to skip this project, just join the fan club.

Stream Fanclub here.


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