Larry June's Latest Album "Spaceships On The Blade"

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Spaceships On The Blade

The San Fransisco native, Larry June drops his highly anticipated album Spaceships On The Blade. Fresh off the release of the collaboration with LNDN DRGS, 2 P'z And A Pod, Larry drops a hefty 20-track project. He's able to get a superlative list of features from 2 Chainz, Syd, Baby Face Ray, and Curren$y and more. June also stacked a list of producers that includes Jake One, Cardo, The Alchemist, DJ Khalil, DJ Fresh, Ehll Evans, Teeko, Ricci Riera, Dvme, Hunger Force, Julian Avila, Chuck Inglish, Todd Cooper, Johan Lennox, Wave IQ, Foley, DJ Mr. Rogers, Turbo, Sean House, Sango, Savon, and Soudiere. One of his longer albums without diminishing the quality of the project. Yeehee! Larry you're doing good!

Larry June has been on a roll for the past few years, dropping project after project. Like most of his projects, he's able to make something for everybody; which makes sense the level of popularity he acquired over the years. Lyrics are overflowing with self-reflection and life advice. Known for his motivational music, Larry is not afraid to be vulnerable to his listeners with reflection on his past life of looking over his shoulder without glamorization of the stereotypical rapper. He has an uncanny ability to relate to his listeners, speaking on struggle, paranoia, losses, and perseverance through it all. June's delivery makes everything he says sound cool.

Many critics compare June's sound to Dom Kennedy because of his laid-back flow, with lifestyle bars, and positivity bringing it full circle. Larry sets himself apart from Dom Kennedy with his versatility on songs. He has "R&B Larry", which has a heavy presence on the album, catering to his female fans with songs like "Things You Do," "For Tonight" Featuring Syd, and "I'll Make Time." Larry June's unique cadence can easily carry the songs. June also has his "Trap Larry" side that makes a brief appearance on "Extra Um," with a feature from Baby Face Ray. He has proven that the Dom Kennedy comparisons hold no weight.

He dropped some fly visuals for "Private Valet," "Don't Check Me," and "In My Pockets."

You can stream the album here.


1. From Uncle Herm Part 4 Featuring Herm Lewis [Produced by Jake One]

2. Private Valet [Produced by Jake One]

3. I'm Him [Produced by Cardo]

4. Things You Do [Produced by Jake One & DJ Khalil]

5. Don't Check Me [Produced by DJ Fresh]

6. Another Day Part 2 [Produced by Ehll Evans]

7. Tools of the Game Interlude Featuring Wallo267 [Produced by Teeko]

8. Corte Madera, CA [Produced by Ricci Riera]

9. Still Boomin Featuring 2Chainz [Produced by Dvme, Hunger Force, & Julian Avila]

10. Brand New Machinery Featuring Duckwrth [Produced by Chuck Inglish, Johan Lenox, & Todd Cooper]

11. I'll Make Time [Produced by Ehll Evans]

12. For Tonight Featuring Syd [Produced by Wave IQ & Todd Cooper]

13. In My Pockets [Produced by Cardo & Foley]

14. 5.0 Chronicles Featuring Curren$y [Produced by DJ Mr. Rogers]

15. Breakfast in Manaco [Produced by the Alchemist]

16. Larry's Diner Interlude [Produced by Sean House]

17. Organic Adjustments [Produced by Sango & Savon]

18. Spaceships & Orange Juice [Produced by Julian Avilia & Soudiere]

19. Extra Um Featuring Babyface Ray [Produced by Dvme & Julian Avilia]

20. Appreciate It all [Produced by Turbo]


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