Nicholas Craven x Boldy James Penalty Of Leadership

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Boldy James is a rapper’s rapper; equipped with very intricate bars that tell a story of a street hustler. Over the past few years his consistency of dropping project after project has been amazing. Before the car crash he was on the run with solid projects such as The Price of Tea in China, Bo Jackson, Super Tecmo Bo, The Versace Tape, Real Bad Boldy, etc…. Boldy has showed his versatility working with different producers for each project without comprising his sound.

Boldy teams up with Canadian producer Nicholas Craven for their second project with Penalty Of Leadership. Bo Jack was in a car crash that almost left him paralyzed from the neck down. The car accident only really slowed him down a little. While he was recovering he dropped a collaborative album with Rich Gains called Indiana Jones. Boldly teased “Brand New Chanel Kicks” and “No Pun Intended” while he was recovering.

Boldy came back stronger than ever. The album cover sets the mood of the album, depicting the aftermath of the car crash with vague glimpses of his life. Craven crafted some dark sinister beats to go with his monotone/remorseless delivery describing the criminal underworld. Standout songs include “Straight A’s” “Jack Frost” “No Pun Intended.” With plenty of memorable and braggadocious lines, “No Pun Intended,” led the way:

Goin' to school with too much money got my son suspended
Get the munyun like I print it 'cause I love to spend it
Never claimed to be somethin' I wasn't, never once pretended

Boldy James gave a masterclass on rapping meshed with storytelling. Boldy is a poet narrating the life of a street pharmacist roaming through the concrete jungles of America. He gets a little more personal than usual with his car accident that put him in intense rehab to be able to walk again.

You can listen to the full album here.


Written by Boldy James
Produced by Nicholas Craven
Mixed & Mastered by Roberto Viglione
Artwork by Gallery Provence


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