Summertime at BOB'S LIQUOR STORE

Posted by TIM HAZURE on

Enjoying the summer breeze, hanging out in the front of the store shooting the shit with the locals. We are approaching our one year anniversary of opening the store in Downtown Los Angeles. I have met a lot of cool people at the store, and some crazy people too, made many friends in the process. Downtown LA reminds me of a small New York City, everything is happening so fast, I barely have time to reflect what's happening in real time. Every minute is like a movie, full of action and comedy. Downtown has a unique atmosphere that you can't compare to the other areas of the city.

Come by and drink a brew (only if you are over 21) and eat some pizza with us, argue with us about who's the best rapper alive, or convince me Joe Biden has a clone that handles all of his public engagements. Lakers, Dodgers, and Rams (depending on the day the Raiders too) are the only teams we endorse over here, so be prepared to argue if you disagree. Sometimes you might catch us brainstorming our next product or event, we love your feedback so we will love to hear your opinion. We also rate women as they walk by, respectfully.

We will have the store for a while, come by when you're ready.

Stay safe and healthy.

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