The Best Jonah Hill Fits

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Jonah Hill is an actor, screenwriter, director, and comedian, but don’t let the jokes fool you, this man got the sauce. The very unassuming Jonah Hill, gets his fits off. As Jonah Hill's career grew, so has his illustrious wardrobe. Although he doesnt have a personal stylist like most celebrities, he worked for a stylist named Michael Fisher. Growing up his mother, Sharon Lyn, was a stylist, making it no coincidence that he has an eccentric style. He is now hailed as a streetwear icon, rocking the latest Palace gear to latest Lithuanaia tie dye tee. Jonah is known for his liberal style of mixing streetwear with high end couture. He has been setting trends since his blockbuster role in the coming of age comedy Superbad.

2018: Vintage 1992 Grateful Dead Lithuania Olympics Tie Dye Shirt

Vintage 1992 Grateful Dead Lithuania Olympics Tie Dye Shirt

Tie dye is like frozen yogurt; the consumer trend comes back to life, dies again, and comes back life. Jonah is able to pick out the timeless tie dye pieces. Grateful dead tie dye tees are an exception to the trendy tie dye rules. Jonah Hill got his hands on a Vintage 1992 Lithuanaia Olympics Tee. The Mid90’s director knows how to tap into his youthful taste with the flamboyant colors. Everything from his pink hair, to the shirt, to the fluorescent orange shorts are conspicuous colors. Jonah shows he can get fresh even when he works out.

2018: Just Don x Mitchell & Ness "No Name" Phoenix Suns Jersey

just don x mitchell & ness phoenix suns no name jersey

The unorthodox tucking of the basketball jersey into the Prada trousers with Prada boots is insane, completely goes against fashion rules. Jonah Hill somehow makes this combination work. Creativity is all about breaking the rules every once in a while right?

2017: Palace Soccer Jersey and Track Pants

jonah hill palace skateboards outfit

Jonah’s style is top-notch in the streetwear world. For the general hypebeast, his closet is a priceless gem. This fit goes hand in hand with his infatuation for the London based streetwear brand Palace and Addidas. Palace and Addidas collaborating with each other is the best of both worlds for Jonah.

2019: Gucci Bomber with the Saint Laurent Sneakers SL/06

jonah hill in gucci and saint laurent

Jonah is good at creating a balance his wardrobe with skater punk and high end fashion. This fit is no different, an east coast kind of outfit for New York fall season. The Gucci bomber jacket is very minimalistic and straight to the point.

2018: Bowling Button Down

jonah hill blue bowling shirt

Reminiscent of a Tony Soprano taking a trip to his local deli to politic with his underlings. Bowling shirts have been one of mainstay pieces in his closet ever since Superbad. Jonah knows how to pick out some dope bowling shirts. I can damn near create a list of his top bowling shirts. 


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