Young Stoner Life or Young Slime Life?

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young thug and gunna mugshots

The YSL label is in deep shit right now. Monday May 9th Jeffery Williams also known as Young Thug, was arrested at his Atlanta home in Fulton County. Young Thug as well as 27 others have been tied into a 56-count indictment that includes murder, attempted murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, theft, drug dealing, carjacking, and witness intimidation. One of the 28 alleged associates includes fellow rapper Gunna, also known as Sergio Giavanni Kitchens. YSL is facing Racketeer and Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) charges from the state of Georgia.  Based on the amount of evidence collected, it looks like the State of Georgia has a solid case against YSL.

The Police and the District Attorney Fani Willis have collected years worth of evidence that dates back to January 2013 all the way up to the indictment in May 2022. Evidence ranges from social media, lyrics, and car rental used in murder. Thugger is being accused of being a founding member of the blood gang YSL said to have formed in 2012.

Y.F.N. is a rival crew of Y.S.L., the crew includes the rapper Y.F.N. Lucci. YFN Lucci grew up in the Summer Hill hood of Zone 3, not far from Jonesboro projects where Young Thug grew up. Lucci grew up around the blood set ABG (Atlanta Blood Gang), which is affiliated with Los Angeles' Inglewood Blood Gang. Lucci later forms a group called Y.F.N. (Young Fly Niggas) with his brother and close friends.

There is supposedly evidence that Young Thug rented a 2014 Infinti Q50 Sedan that was involved in a 2015 drive-by shooting that turned into a murder. Donovan "Peanut" Thomas, an Inglewood Blood Gang leader, was murdered in the drive-by.   Around this time Police started wiretapping Young Thug's conversations. He was recorded saying, "sacrifices have to be made," after the murder of Peanut. Before Peanut's untimely death, Young Thug tweeted on Twitter: "people who testify in court should be killed," and prosecutors believe that the tweets refer to Young Thug believing he was an informant and wanting him to be killed. Prosecutors believe these actions correlate with tweets and rap lyrics, proving Young Thug was involved in the crime. 5 men are charged with the murder including deomonte “Yak Gotti” Kendrick. The shooting caused a rift between YSL and now rival gang Y.F.N. 

Alleged leader, YFN Lucci, was arrested January 2021 for allegedly being a driver to a drive-by shooting that killed one person and injured two others. Lucci has been sitting in jail awaiting his trial. Meanwhile, Georgia continued to rack up charges on Young Thug and his YSL crew.

2017 Thug and Gunna committed a felony offense for buying a stolen firearm from Trevon Lewis. They also had possession of a large amount of methaphetamine, hydrocodone, and marijuana. Having a large amount they charged them with intention to distribute.

In 2018 they had a traffic stop for speeding, and after they went through the car that was occupied by 4 individuals and they found numerous firearms with high capacity magazines including an Ak-47 with a 30-round clip.

After the police raided his house after arresting him on May 9th 2022, they found a switch.

The list of crimes that YSL and associates committed goes on.

The 88-page grand jury indictment characterizes YSL, "Young Slime Life," as a criminal street gang. Young Thug's YSL label is told to stand for Young Stoner Life Records, where he has acts such as Gunna, Lil GotIt, and now deceased Lil Keed.

The D.A., Fani Willis, believes the record label has ties to a Blood gang that commit heinous crimes. Young Thug is being described as the ring leader in this alleged street gang. Gunna is almost framed as someone who is guilty by association to Young Thug and his label Y.S.L. People believe Gunna is the one most likely not to do prison time.

Young Thug and Gunna are being held without bail until their trial January 2023. Thug and Gunna are being held without bail because they "a threat to society," and witness intimidation. The YSL members can potentially spend life in prison if they get convicted on the State RICO case. Usually RICO cases are hard to beat on a Federal level, but State Rico charges are different from Federal RICO charges. Compared to State RICO charges, Federal has a higher conviction rate, which means YSL has a better chance of beating the case.

The D.A. Willis wants to use Young Thug's lyrics in the case to tie him into the alleged crimes. The only problem with using lyrics is that it would violate an artist's right to free speech that musicians such as N.W.A. and Luke Campbell of 2 Live Crew have been fighting to protect for years. Willis believes she can tie social media posts, lyrics, and paper trail together to convict YSL. This case depends heavy on YSL's lawyer, Brian Steel, to convince the judge and jury that ambiguous lyrics and social media posts can't be permissible to use in court. 

D.A. has stated that more indictments are coming to other organizations in Atlanta.


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